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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into stable

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......@@ -67,6 +67,10 @@ stuff ready in time for the security announce.
* `cd` into our Iceweasel Git directory.
* Checkout the `tails/master` branch.
* Unapply all quilt patches and commit:
quilt pop -a
* Get yourself a new upstream branch:
git branch -D upstream
......@@ -98,13 +102,12 @@ stuff ready in time for the security announce.
quilt push -a
* `git rm` files deleted by quilt patches
* `git add` files created by quilt patches
It might be that the last patch (`configure.patch`) fails. Ignore it
for now.
* Commit:
git commit -a -m 'Apply all quilt patches.'
git add . && git reset HEAD .pc && git commit -a -m 'Apply all quilt patches.'
<a id="new-iceweasel-release"></a>
......@@ -246,7 +249,7 @@ and commit:
git commit -a -m 'Remove Torbrowser patches.'
* Import the latest TorBroswer patches:
* Import the latest TorBrowser patches:
- Ensure you have Mike Perry's latest stuff available:
......@@ -282,9 +285,7 @@ and commit:
* Apply Torbrowser patches:
quilt push -a && git commit -a -m 'Apply Torbrowser patches.'
* Add untracked files *but* `.pc` and `commit --amend`.
quilt push -a && git add . && git reset HEAD .pc && git commit -a -m 'Apply Torbrowser patches.'
* Push to Git:
......@@ -326,7 +327,9 @@ If you have no available non-Tails setup to comfortably test these
packages, then skip this step.
* Build for unstable and the architecture you can test on (most likely
amd64), e.g. using our [[contribute/Debian_package_builder]].
amd64), e.g. using our [[contribute/Debian_package_builder]].
**Note:** if building locally in a ramdisk, it needs to be at least
14GB large.
* Copy `browser/app/profile/000-tor-browser.js` into
`/etc/iceweasel/pref/` on the test system.
* Install and test the resulting packages.
......@@ -392,8 +395,7 @@ E.g. `configure.patch` does not apply, or the build fails since
`{js/src/,}` was modified but `{js/src/,}configure` was
not refreshed.
In a nutshell (that is, with most of the gory quilt and Git details
skipped) the solution is to:
In a nutshell, the solution is to:
1. Make sure the patches that modify `{js/src/,}` are
applied (this is the case after a `quilt push -a`, that is during
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