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RM doc: drop obsolete process hack around painful changelog generation

Changelog generation is now fully automated, so there's no need to workaround
the fact it used to be painful.
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......@@ -104,27 +104,6 @@ the Foundations Team's duties.
- Check if you have enough manual testers registered.
If not, ping the usual testers.
## The week before the release date
If updating the Changelog is a particularly painful part of the
release process for you, then you can do it in smaller chunks,
starting ahead of the pre-release Monday.
The first time you run our `./release` script to seed the changelog
entry from Git commits:
1. Take note of which commit you're at.
2. Run it exactly as documented in the [[contribute/release_process]].
The next times you run our `./release` script:
1. Take note of which commit you're at.
2. Pass, as a second argument to `./release`, the commit you took note
of last time you updated the Changelog.
XXX: fix `./release` so that there's a way to have it simply run `gbp
dch --auto`, which will avoid the need to take note of commits.
## The Friday before the release date
We need to coordinate our Tails release with the Tor Browser
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