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Improve the release process a bit.

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......@@ -199,6 +199,14 @@ record the last commit before tagging happens:
Go wild!
Push the last commits and the release tag to our Git repository:
git push --tags
Update the topic in our [[chatroom|chat]].
......@@ -21,17 +21,11 @@ Then install this image on a 2nd USB stick
# 1. fill the RAM with a known pattern
* boot on Tails
* add `` which contains:
while True:
string = string + "wipe_didnt_work\n"
* launch it a few times in parallel (on a 32-bit architecture the
* launch fillram a few times in parallel (on a 32-bit architecture the
address space of a given process is usually limited at 3 GiB - or
less, depends on the kernel configuration)
$ for i in $(seq 0 31) ; do python & done
# for i in $(seq 0 31) ; do fillram & done ; watch free -m
# 2. test that you can get the pattern
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