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It might be useful to use `zram` in Tails.
[[!toc levels=2]]
# Rationale
`zram` is a kernel module that makes it possible to use some amount of
RAM as compressed swap. This should allow using a bit more RAM than
what's really available.
# Roadmap
We should:
1. Wait for details from Daniel Baumann about [his testing
("i've tested it quite a bit with the idea of enabling it
automatically on debian-live systems if the machine as not
a certain amount of physical ram available. had only bad
experiences with it, so far (worse than without it)").
Emailed the debian-live ML on April 7th. [[!tag todo/wait]]
1. [[!taglink todo/test]] zram and evaluate:
* what actual improvements it provides, especially on low-memory systems
* what the performance cost is, if any.
# Resources
## Tools
* [systemd unit files](
* [[!ubupkg zram-config]] in Ubuntu: Upstart job to enable zram support
## Documentation
* [howto](
use zram on Debian
* [Gentoo wiki page about zram](
* [Google is Enabling zRAM for Chrome OS By Default](
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