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Revert "One needs to push to Salsa as well in order to create a MR."

I was wrong, thanks hefee for correcting me: a developer with commit access to
our canonical repo can very well push there, which will propagate to the Salsa
mirror repo, and then browse the Salsa web UI to click "Create merge request".

This reverts commit bd8cd79c.
parent bd8cd79c
......@@ -9,8 +9,7 @@ When you think it is good enough and have tested it, you have to:
1. Push your branch
- If you have commit access to the official Tails Git repository,
push your branch there (so our CI picks it up) and to your personal fork
of the [Tails repository on Salsa](
push your branch there so our CI picks it up.
- Else, push to your personal Git repository:
[fork us on Salsa](
2. Set the ticket's *Status* field to *In Progress* (if you do not see
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