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translation maintainers role definition. ref: #17726

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[[!meta title="Translation platform maintainers"]]
XXX: fill this page with the role definition once we have one
([[!tails_ticket 17050]]).
The general mission of this maintainers is **to make sure that Tails
translators can translate our website easily, while not compromising the safety
of the rest of the Tails ecosystem**. More specifically:
**Team responsabilities**:
* Manage the budget for this team/job.
* Keep track of upcoming big changes (e.g. Weblate dropping support for the
database we're using, or gaining extra non-trivial dependencies) and plan
the work we'll have to do to adjust.
* Refine and update the translation workflow.
**Backend responsibilities**:
* Maintain and upgrade Weblate.
* Maintain and improve the integration with main website.
* Maintain and improve the generation of the staging website.
* Maintain technical documentation up-to-date.
* Monitor error messages (Weblate, server, integrations).
* Implement backend changes needed for the translation workflow.
* Fix crashes in the whole setup.
**Frontend responsibilities**:
* Facilitate the process of adding new languages for translation:
* Induction of new language teams if no Tails translator takes the lead.
* Final, more technical review when new languages are deemed ready (make sure
that the new translation does not break the website).
* Hear feedback from translators, facilitate these discussions until they reach a conclusion, and report to upstream when needed.
* Grant reviewer permissions (following our documented process).
Update documentation for translators.
# Resources
- [[design documentation|contribute/design/translation_platform]]
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