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......@@ -376,3 +376,154 @@ Things she dislikes:
She thinks that the documentation should be more accessible to less
technical people as a pedagogical tool: since she is making the effort
to getting into Tails, she is ready to read and learn.
<a id="Miguel"></a>
Miguel, May 2017
Miguel is a 20 years old statistics student in Brazil. He is part of
a collective that works on online privacy and security.
In 2014 he was trying all the privacy tools he and his friends could
found, and then he started using Tails. Sometimes he doesn't use Tails
very often, and only as a way to use other people's computers: he
keeps his passwords is a KeePassX database, along with some personal
files and his Thunderbird configuration on the Tails persistent
volume). And sometimes he uses Tails more intensively, for example
when dealing with sensitive material. Miguel identifies himself an
intermediate level Tails user, although he helps others use Tails and
does not need other people's help himself.
What he likes:
- the new Installation Assistant
- the amnesic property, that allows him to use other people's
- the fact that Internet connections are routed through Tor
- he finds Tails easy to use, e.g. the persistence setup
- the set of bundled software
What he does not like:
- GNOME is heavy on older computers
- the website translation workflow is hard
- he misses the ability to install Tails on the command-line with dd
(and was surprised when I told him it still worked)
<a id="Sophia"></a>
Sophia, May 2017
Sophia is 30 years old, lives in Brazil and has two jobs: she is
a teacher and a system administrator.
In 2015, she was looking for an operating system that would be safer
than macOS, and discovered Tails. She had been using Linux for 2 years
already, but found it vastly easier to use Tails than to configure
software to use Tor on a regular Linux distribution. Since then, Tails
is her only OS and she uses it every day; she feels very comfortable
using it, although she has not tried everything.
What she likes:
- Tails is plug'n'play and it "just works"
- Tor Browser
What she dislikes:
- having to configure Tor Browser to match her security requirements
(security slider set to "High", JavaScript disabled by default)
every time she starts Tails; she would like a persistent setting
for these settings
- Totem is buggy with some subtitles (buggy delay after pausing and
resuming), so she misses VLC
- she misses a set of LibreOffice Impress templates/themes that could
be installed by default
<a id="Isabella"></a>
Isabella, May 2017
Isabella is a 50 years old Debian user living in Brazil. She used to
be a journalist at a magazine that talked a lot about FOSS (among
other things), then got in touch with people working on privacy
enhancing technologies (PET) and switched jobs: she now works with
a collective that defends freedom and privacy online, learns about
privacy tools and does advocacy for them.
She has been demonstrating Tails to people since 2 years: she finds it
easier to advocate for than Debian since it's easy to try (without
replacing one's current OS) and is pre-configured for privacy.
She started using Tails herself 3 months ago. She found it easy, and
doesn't need to ask for help anymore. She uses Tails about twice
a month, mainly to upload sensitive material and for web browsing.
What she likes:
- "the bundle", i.e. everything pre-configured shipped in a box
- She found Tails very didactic and liked how she could understand how
to use it.
What she dislikes:
- upgrades are painful when using Tails not so often
<a id="Bernardo"></a>
Bernardo, May 2017
Bernardo is a 37 years old public administration teacher and social
science researcher in Brazil. He studies the way social movements use
Internet communication tools. He discovered Tails after the Snowden
leaks, via a hackers collective and the homepage of the Tor website.
He uses Debian and GNOME (and has some basic knowledge of the command
line interface) so he felt comfortable using Tails, and found it easy
to get started with. He advocates using Tails and started using it
himself since the coup; he uses it about once a month, primarily to
release and distribute material against the government.
What he likes:
- everything is torified by default
- the amnesic property: everything goes away when turning off the
- Windows Camouflage (when it was there…)
- Pidgin
What he dislikes:
- he had some trouble with the Unsafe Browser
<a id="Pedro"></a>
Pedro, May 2017
Pedro is 23 years old and studies applied mathematics in college in
Brazil. He has been a Linux user since 11 years; Qubes OS is now his
main operating system.
He learned about Tails via the homepage of the Tor website before the
Snowden leaks, and got interested by the amnesic property of Tails.
He feels he knows his way around Tails and uses it once or twice
a week to browse hidden services websites and for encrypted chat
(that he finds easier to use on Tails than elsewhere).
What he likes:
- carrying a computer environment in his pocket
- OnionShare
- easy to use, practical
- how the project cares about people and security
What he dislikes:
- GNOME is heavy and slow on old hardware
- the end of 32-bit support
- no more Windows Camouflage
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