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[[!meta date="Wed Sep 21 01:23:45 2011"]]
[[!meta title="Tails 0.8 is out"]]
The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.8, is out.
All users must upgrade as soon as possible.
[[!toc levels=1]]
# Changes
Notable user-visible changes include:
* Tor
* I2P 0.8.8
* Linux 3.0.0
* Iceweasel 3.5.16-9
* Torbutton 1.4.3-1
* HTTPS Everywhere 1.0.1-1
* More random looking nicks in Pidgin.
* Replace the onBoard virtual keyboard with Florence.
* PiTIVi non-linear audio/video editor.
* Support arbitrary DNS queries.
* Use XZ compression to get much smaller ISO images and a bit faster boot.
Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements.
See the [online
for technical details.
# I want to try it / to upgrade!
See the [[Getting started]] page.
# A glimpse towards the future
Were do we go from here? Have a look to our [[contribute/roadmap]] to
see where we are heading to.
Would you want to help? As explained in our [["how to contribute"
documentation|contribute]], here are many ways **you** can contribute
to Tails: no need to be a hardcore developer.
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