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Release process: properly clean up torrents/files during major releases.

parent 6ef7dde7
......@@ -1406,23 +1406,17 @@ If preparing a final release
Skip this part if preparing a RC.
XXX: If preparing a final *major* release, beware! The `git rm` steps
will get confused because we should be removing files from the
previous *bugfix* release (and `PREVIOUS_VERSION` points to the
release candidate instead, for which we don't ship all files). Maybe
start by removing all files (regardless of the version), before copying
the new files? To be attempted/confirmed when releasing 4.11.
Rename, copy, garbage collect and update various files.
git rm \
"${RELEASE_CHECKOUT:?}/wiki/src/torrents/files/tails-amd64-"*.{build-manifest,iso.sig,img.sig,packages,iso.torrent,img.torrent} && \
mkdir -p "${RELEASE_CHECKOUT:?}/wiki/src/torrents/files" && \
cp "${ISO_PATH:?}.sig" \
"${IMG_PATH:?}.sig" \
"${ISOS:?}/tails-amd64-${VERSION:?}/tails-amd64-${VERSION:?}.build-manifest" \
"${ISOS:?}/tails-amd64-${VERSION:?}/tails-amd64-${VERSION:?}.packages" \
"${ISOS:?}/tails-amd64-${VERSION:?}".{iso,img}.torrent \
"${RELEASE_CHECKOUT:?}/wiki/src/torrents/files/" && \
git rm \
"${RELEASE_CHECKOUT:?}/wiki/src/torrents/files/tails-amd64-${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}."{build-manifest,iso.sig,img.sig,packages,iso.torrent,img.torrent} && \
LC_NUMERIC=C ls -l -h -L ${ISO_PATH:?} | \
cut -f 5 -d ' ' | sed -r 's/(.+)([MG])/\1 \2B/' \
> "${RELEASE_CHECKOUT:?}/wiki/src/inc/stable_amd64_iso_size.html" && \
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