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......@@ -55,7 +55,8 @@ Troubles starting Tails
- Create a page dedicated to issues starting Tails and link it from
[[!tails_gitweb wiki/src/support.mdwn]]:
[[!tails_gitweb wiki/src/support.mdwn]] and
[[!tails_gitweb wiki/doc/first_steps/bug_reporting.mdwn]]:
- Inline troubleshooting sections from the installation instructions
- List or inline known issues that prevent Tails from starting [1]
......@@ -134,17 +135,20 @@ Contact and misc
- Move "Report an error" as a option to contact us
Right now, it is advertised outside of the ways to "get in touch with
Could we go even further and say that people who cannot start Tails
should write us an email and people who can start Tails should send us
a WhisperBack report?
- Improve instructions to connect to the chat
- Remove the instructions to connect to the chat
There is very little happening on the chat actually. Very few users
with a good understanding of Tails help others. Most core Tails people
connect either rarely or never.
- Do we really want to advertise the chat that much?
- Do we want to make it less visible until it's easy to connect and
get answers?
- Is the chat helpful for people who can't start Tails? They would
have to install XMPP!
Make it less visible until it's easy to connect and get answers?
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