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SponsorW report: drop mention of the sprint

This has nothing to do about the UX design sprint so
commit:f7763741 was wrong. We want to do #9059
before our first coding sprint, which is not explicitly listed on the grant, so
let's simply not mention it.
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......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ We added preliminary support for locking and unlocking VeraCrypt volumes in GNOM
# B. Additional software
We started working on an issue that needs to be solved before the UX design
sprint ([[!tails_ticket 9059]]) and on minor UX improvement that is not
We started working on one of the major UX improvements this project is
about ([[!tails_ticket 9059]]) and on minor UX improvement that is not
formally part of this project, but would be nice to have ([[!tails_ticket 6038]]).
# C. Deliver new features
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