Commit 67fd2208 authored by Tails developers's avatar Tails developers
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vagrant: use mirrorlist branch to build Tails wiki

gaffer is back online, so we can use our custom branch to build the Tails wiki.
parent 5207817d
......@@ -39,27 +39,16 @@ apt-get -y --no-install-recommends install \
libhtml-scrubber-perl libhtml-template-perl libtimedate-perl \
libxml-simple-perl libtext-multimarkdown-perl
# Looks like gaffer is broken. *sigh*
#su - vagrant -c '
#set -e
#cd /home/vagrant
#test -d ikiwiki || git clone git://
#cd ikiwiki
#git fetch origin
#git checkout mirrorlist || true
#git reset --hard origin/mirrorlist
su - vagrant -c '
set -e
cd /home/vagrant
test -d ikiwiki || git clone git:// ikiwiki
cd ikiwiki
git fetch origin
git checkout master || true
git reset --hard 3.20120419
git remote add gaffer git:// || true
git fetch gaffer
git checkout mirrorlist || true
git reset --hard gaffer/mirrorlist
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