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......@@ -107,32 +107,29 @@ The main tools used to manage the Tails infrastructure are:
* [Git]( to host and deploy configuration,
including our Puppet code
Sysadmins can login to all hosts and have write access to the Puppet masters'
Git repositories.
<a id="communication"></a>
# Communication
Tails system administrators have write access to the puppetmasters, and can log into
the hosts.
They read the <> encrypted mailing list.
In order to get in touch with Tails sysadmins, you can:
* Create an issue in the [[!tails_gitlab tails/sysadmin]] project
* Ping all sysadmins anywhere in our [[!tails_gitlab desc="GitLab"]] by mentioning the `@sysadmins-team` group
* See if one of us is on shift in [[one of our chat rooms|about/contact#chat]]
* Send an e-mail to [[the sysadmin's mailing list|about/contact#tails-sysadmins]]
We use [[!tails_gitlab desc="GitLab"]] issues for public discussion
and tasks management:
The following lists of issues are also of interest to sysadmins:
* To bring an issue to the attention of system administrators,
mention the `@sysadmins-team` group.
* [[!tails_gitlab
desc="issues that should be taken care of as part of sysadmin shifts
or are on the sysadmin team's roadmap"]]
* [[!tails_gitlab
desc="tasks that require *Sysadmin* work"]]
* [[!tails_gitlab
desc="tasks that belong to the *Infrastructure* category"]]
* [[!tails_gitlab
desc="issues assigned to the *Sysadmins* user"]]
<a id="services"></a>
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