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Add plan HTTPS mirrors in our fallback pool to refs: #12833

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......@@ -155,3 +155,89 @@ let's not include them in the fallback DNS pool:
# Initial research
See [[HTTP_mirror_pool/archive]].
# HTTPS mirrors
We've already switched all our mirrors in the Javascript mirror-pool, handled
by mirror-pool-dispatcher to HTTPS, but not all of our fallback mirrors.
Current problem space
Round-Robin pool
* we point to different IPs
* round robin incompatible with different CNAMES
* round robin uses IPs → incompatible with SSL certs
* Asking mirror OPs to create SSL certs themselves and keep them updated is not
* Links to dl.a.b.o on website & UDFs point to the round robin. (used for
example on
* Website, DAVE2 and IUKs use Javascript based mirror-pool-dispatcher.
* Hardcoded URLs on the website need to be accessible & HTTPSified without
Possible solutions
### Server based solution
We ruled this solution out when we first based the mirror-pool-dispatcher on
Javascript. Likely, we'd want to avoir recreating such a complicated solution
even if we will have to host our website ourselves and have this technical
### One-mirror-only solution
A very stable and big mirror should become the only fallback for non-JS users
and the expert/wget installion method.
* → We ditch the round-robin
* → We monitor this server more often so that we can change it if ever it becomes inaccessible.
Todo now
* deploy in lockstep on our live website:
- change fallback_download_url_prefix in mirror-pool-dispatcher [u]
- change all instances of http://dl.a.b.o → https://mirrors.wikimedia on our website [u]
- except in UDFs
* ensure Tails 3.7 gets the updated mirror-pool-dispatcher submodule [i]
* prepare a branch in iuk.git that updates UDF generation code (replace dl.a.b.o with mirrors.wikimedia) [i]
* keep the fallback DNS pool running: it's still used by Tails Upgrader and we "support" skipping an upgrade (from 3.6 to 3.7) so it must remain working until 3.6 users can upgrade directly to 3.8
* prepare a branch against mirrors.git to document the new setup and drop the obsolete crap
* prepare a branch against tails.git to update the design doc
Whenever we want
* tell admins about our plans (before or after the change, whatever) [u]
* update the documentation for mirror operators in a dedicated Git branch: delete the part about dl.a.b.o [u]
* prepare a branch against mirror-pool.git that drops support for the DNS fallback pool [i]
* prepare a branch against puppet-tails.git that drops support for the DNS fallback pool [i]
When releasing Tails 3.7 [bertagaz]
* all UDFs for upgrades must still have dl.a.b.o because Tails 3.6 and older
only support that (nothing special to do for that, just follow the release
process doc)
When releasing Tails 3.8 [i]
* all UDFs for upgrades from 3.6 must have dl.a.b.o
* all UDFs for upgrades from 3.7 must have mirrors.wikimedia
A few weeks after Tails 3.8 is released
* drop the dl.a.b.o fallback pool
* merge the branch into iuk.git
* merge the branch into mirror-pool.git
* merge the doc branch into mirrors.git
* merge the doc branch for mirror operators into tails.git
* merge the updated design doc branch into tails.git
* merge the branch into puppet-tails.git
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