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Update known issues wrt VirtualBox guests

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......@@ -246,13 +246,15 @@ Tails fails to connect to certain Wi-Fi networks
This might be related to the introduction of wireless regulation support
in Tails 0.13.
Tails could behave better when run inside VirtualBox
VirtualBox guest modules are broken for 64-bit guests
Since 0.17.1, VirtualBox guest modules are not shipped anymore.
VirtualBox guest modules allow for additional features when using Tails as a
VirtualBox guest: shared folders, resizable display, shared clipboard, etc.
See [[!tails_todo fix_virtualbox_guest_modules_build desc="the
corresponding task"]] for details.
But due to [a bug in VirtualBox](, they
only work in Tails if the VirtualBox guest is configured to have a 32-bit
Touchpad configurations
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