Commit 645a2040 authored by Tails developers's avatar Tails developers
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Drop all search engine re-configuration for the Unsafe Browser.

The Search Bar is removed in the Windows 8 camouflage, so having
Wikipedia as the default cannot be used as a stealthy visual indicator
any more. We already have "Unsafe Browser" in both the window title,
and the button to the right of the URL box, which should make it clear
enough which browser is used.
parent fe1b0ae4
......@@ -188,25 +188,6 @@ EOF
# Remove all bookmarks
rm -f ${CLEARNET_PROFILE}/bookmarks.html
rm -f ${CLEARNET_PROFILE}/places.sqlite
# Make the English wikipedia the only available and default search
# engine (this is a documented cue for identifying the Unsafe Browser,
# which is extra important in camouflage mode when the scary coloured
# theme is disabled.)
find ${CLEARNET_PROFILE}/searchplugins -name "*.xml" | \
while read searchengine; do
if basename "$searchengine" | grep -qvi wikipedia; then
rm "${searchengine}"
sed -i '/^user_pref("",/d' \
echo 'user_pref("", "Wikipedia (en)");' >> \
sed -i '/^user_pref("",/d' \
echo 'user_pref("", "Wikipedia (en)");' >> \
run_browser_in_chroot () {
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