Commit 632472aa authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

SquashFS sort file: ignore cpufreq and net kernel modules

These drivers, when loaded during the "SquashFS file order" part of the release
process, reflect the hardware being used at the time, which:

 - won't match the broad range of hardware our users use
 - unnecessarily leaks information about the RM's hardware

So let's not include them in the SquashFS sort file.
parent 814735fc
......@@ -627,6 +627,7 @@ SquashFS file order
| \A(?:lib/live/mount/overlay/rw/)?etc/(?:group|gshadow|passwd|shadow)-\s
| \A(?:lib/live/mount/overlay/rw/)?etc/resolv-over-clearnet[.]conf\s
| \A(?:lib/live/mount/overlay/rw/)?etc/skel/[.]config/autostart/end-profile[.]desktop\s
| \Alib/modules/.*/kernel/drivers/(?:cpufreq|net)/
| \Arun/
| \Avar/lib/AccountsService/users/Debian-gdm\s
| \Avar/lib/gdm3/[#]\d+\s
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