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......@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ support in GNOME until they are available in Tails via the Debian repos
check if new versions of the following source packages have hit Debian
stretch or stretch-security:
* [udisks2]( (version in Tails 3.9: 2.1.8-1.0tails3)
* [gnome-disk-utility]( (version in Tails 3.9: 3.22.1-1.0tails1)
* [glib2.0]( (version in Tails 3.9: 2.50.3-2.0tails3)
* [gtk+3.0]( (version in Tails 3.9: 3.22.11-1.0tails5)
* [gvfs]( (version in Tails 3.9: 1.30.4-1.0tails5)
* [gobject-introspection]( (version in Tails 3.9: 1.50.0-1.0tails2)
* [gjs]( (version in Tails 3.9: 1.46.0-1.0tails2)
* [gnome-shell]( (version in Tails 3.9: 3.22.3-3.0tails6)
* [udisks2]( (version in Tails: 2.1.8-1.0tails3)
* [gnome-disk-utility]( (version in Tails: 3.22.1-1.0tails1)
* [glib2.0]( (version in Tails: 2.50.3-2.0tails3)
* [gtk+3.0]( (version in Tails: 3.22.11-1.0tails5)
* [gvfs]( (version in Tails: 1.30.4-1.0tails5)
* [gobject-introspection]( (version in Tails: 1.50.0-1.0tails2)
* [gjs]( (version in Tails: 1.46.0-1.0tails2)
* [gnome-shell]( (version in Tails: 3.22.3-3.0tails6)
If any of these have a new version in stretch or stretch-security:
......@@ -30,33 +30,34 @@ If any of these have a new version in stretch or stretch-security:
# Release the updated package should go in (stable, testing or devel)
# The topic branch for this update
SUITE="$(echo "${BRANCH:?}" | sed -e 's,[^.a-z0-9-],-,ig' | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]')"
sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tails.list <<EOF
deb-src tor+http://jenw7xbd6tf7vfhp.onion/ ${RELEASE} main
deb-src tor+http://jenw7xbd6tf7vfhp.onion/ "${RELEASE:?}" main
deb-src [check-valid-until=no] tor+ stretch main
sudo apt update
apt source --download-only ${PACKAGE_NAME}={OLD_VERSION}
apt source --download-only ${PACKAGE_NAME}={ORIGINAL_VERSION}
apt source --download-only "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}={OLD_VERSION:?}"
apt source --download-only "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}={ORIGINAL_VERSION:?}"
1. Get the debdiff of our patches:
debdiff ${PACKAGE_NAME}_${ORIGINAL_VERSION}.dsc ${PACKAGE_NAME}_${OLD_VERSION}.dsc > tails.diff
debdiff "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}_${ORIGINAL_VERSION:?}.dsc" "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}_${OLD_VERSION:?}.dsc" > tails.diff
1. Download the new source package:
apt source -t ${NEW_VERSION} ${PACKAGE_NAME}
apt source "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}=${NEW_VERSION:?}"
1. Apply the debdiff on the new version:
debdiff-apply ${PACKAGE_NAME}_${NEW_VERSION}.dsc tails.diff
debdiff-apply "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}_${NEW_VERSION:?}.dsc" tails.diff
1. Add changelog entry and build a new version of the patched package
in a Stretch/amd64 chroot:
# Set the distribution field to the name of the branch that will bring
# the update (without "bugfix/" or "feature/")
debchange -i
cd "${PACKAGE_NAME:?}"*/
debchange -i --distribution="${SUITE:?}" --force-distribution
1. Install the newly built package in the build environment and rebuild all
......@@ -70,6 +71,7 @@ If any of these have a new version in stretch or stretch-security:
1. Sign and upload updated packages
dupload --to tails $CHANGES_FILE
debsign "${CHANGES_FILE:?}"
dupload --to tails "${CHANGES_FILE:?}"
1. Update the "version in Tails" in this document.
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