Commit 6280255f authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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Kill Vidalia before we restart Tor.

Otherwise Vidalia will be running and showing errors while we make
sure that Tor bootstraps, which could take a while.
parent f4844327
......@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ clear_tor_log() {
rm -f /var/log/tor/log
if pgrep "\<vidalia\>" >/dev/null 2>&1; then
killall -SIGKILL vidalia
systemctl restart tor@default.service
......@@ -54,8 +60,7 @@ maybe_restart_tor() {
try_for 270 maybe_restart_tor
if pgrep "\<vidalia\>" >/dev/null; then
killall -SIGKILL vidalia
if [ "${vidalia_was_running}" = yes ]; then
# Since Tor just restarted we wait for a while until the
# ControlPort hopefully is up.
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