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2018-02 report: add plans for improving the upgrade UX.

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......@@ -61,6 +61,15 @@ User experience
Doing so will drastically simplify the installation for Windows and macOS
and improve support for UEFI computers.
- We made plans to improve the upgrade user experience:
- on the short term, we will make automatic upgrades more powerful
to remove the need for any manual upgrade (except when releasing
a version of Tails based on a new Debian release):
[[!tails_ticket 15281]], [[Endless_upgrades#single-squashfs-diff]]
- on the long term, we want to
[[!tails_ticket desc="research" 15277]]
existing system upgrade technologies
- We simplified the [[manual upgrade instructions from Tails|upgrade/tails]] to
remove a whole step. Doing a manual upgrade should now be less confusing and
take half the time!
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