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Simplify release process.

parent c07bb3b5
......@@ -754,14 +754,10 @@ Prepare upgrade-description files
release to the *test* channel in `$MASTER_CHECKOUT`, modify its content
accordingly, sign it, commit and push:
# If more old versions are supported, add them (whitespace
# separated) to this variable
( \
cd ${MASTER_CHECKOUT:?} && \
git fetch && \
for old_version in ${SUPPORTED_OLD_VERSIONS:?}; do
for old_version in ${IUK_SOURCE_VERSIONS:?}; do
stable_udf="wiki/src/upgrade/v1/Tails/${old_version:?}/amd64/stable/upgrades.yml" && \
test_udf="wiki/src/upgrade/v1/Tails/${old_version:?}/amd64/test/upgrades.yml" && \
mkdir -p "$(dirname "$test_udf")" && \
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