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Release process: turn transition doc into long-term info

Explaining the pros and cons of the new setup may have helped
at some point. I think we're way past this time now.
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......@@ -845,24 +845,8 @@ Prepare incremental upgrades
Since Tails 4.2, we use a new upgrade scheme, which fundamentally
changes what the source version number of an upgrade means: it's now
the version that was *initially installed* and *not* the currently
running version. If this is news to you, see:
* the document that explains the benefits for our users:
* the corresponding
[[design documentation|contribute/design/incremental_upgrades]].
The main practical implications at release time are:
* The Release Manager has to publish more IUKs than they used to.
But they can now publish IUKs (reproducibly) built on Jenkins,
instead of having to upload those they've built locally.
* The Release Manager has to sign more UDFs than they used to.
* Computing `$IUK_SOURCE_VERSIONS` is now straightforward enough
that it was automated :)
running version. For details, see the corresponding
[[design documentation|contribute/design/incremental_upgrades]].
Prepare the environment
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