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Merge policy: document merging stable → devel

I'm not sure if this simply was never documented, or if I removed
this part of the doc by mistake while adapting to GitLab.
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......@@ -93,3 +93,9 @@ in your opinion:
You don't need to do this if the destination branch of the MR
is `master`: these issues will be closed automatically.
3. If the destination branch of the MR was `stable`, then
pull `stable` locally, merge it into `devel`, and push `devel`.
Rationale: `devel` must also contain all the improvements that have been
applied on `stable`.
  • @committers-team, please take a look at this commit :)

    Online version:

  • Duh, of course! Considering how good (read: bad) I am at remember extra steps like these, expect some more violations in the near future. :/

  • I suppose I should have thought about checking recent changes before review'n'merge-ing the few things @intrigeri mentioned to me (before 4.9), and I definitely didn't merge stable→devel while doing so. This will be fixed during the 4.9 release anyway. I'll try and remember next time(s) though.

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