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......@@ -13,8 +13,19 @@ Roadmap
1. Find out what additional hardening compilation option can possibly
be added to Iceweasel by the Debian maintainer. The Debian security team
might be happy to help.
- [[!tag todo/research]] Gather the maintainer's already stated
opinions on the topic: [[!debbug 609975]] and [[!debbug 653191]]
- Here's what the maintainer's already stated opinions on the
topic ([[!debbug 609975]] and [[!debbug 653191]]):
- "I'm really not a big fan of -Wl,-z,relro and -Wl,-z,now"
- "For instance, I'm not sure -z relro buys anything worth, while
it may have a significant startup performance impact on big
applications. (and if I'm not mistaken, -z relro actually makes
things not work with selinux, seeing how selinux already breaks
the mprotect that removes the write bit on code sections after
text relocations)"
> Moritz
> [has doubts](
> about the relro part, and "Support for selinux in Debian is
> marginal at best, anyway".
- Design a great plan. Hardening compilation options currently
enabled in:
- TBB: none
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