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Be shorter and not sarcastic

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......@@ -71,14 +71,13 @@ the startup process.
[[!img technical_details.png link=no alt="Technical details at the bottom of the
main window"]]
About giving us an email address
Optional email address
If you don't mind disclosing some bits of your identity to Tails developers, you
can provide an email address to let us ask more details about the bug.
Anyone who can see this reply will probably infer you are a Tails user. Time to
wonder how much you trust your Internet and mailbox providers?
Giving us an email address allows us to contact you to clarify the
problem. But if we write you to this address, it also provides an
opportunity for eavesdroppers, like your email or Internet provider, to
confirm that you are using Tails.
Optional OpenPGP key
Supports Markdown
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