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[[!meta title="Report on the 2013 Tails bounty program"]]
Thanks to the [Knight Foundation](
and to the [Tor project](, we have
organized a bounty program to improve software upon which Tails
is relying.
The recruiting process was long and not exactly easy, some projects
did not reach completion... but four of them were successful!
[[!toc levels=1]]
Removable USB in *libvirt*
Support for [marking emulated USB devices as
removable]( was
added [libvirt]( and
This was merged upstream by October 2013.
Symmetric file encryption and signature verification in *Seahorse Nautilus*
Support for symmetric encryption was added to the user interface which
is presented by Seahorse Nautilus on right-click → Encrypt.
Additionally, support for checking both detached signatures and text
messages with cleartext signatures, as well reporting on their
validity, was added to the Nautilus contextual menu.
This involved patching seahorse-nautilus, shared-mime-info,
and libcryptui.
Relevant tickets:
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
The patches were merged upstream by December 2013.
Packaging and improving *keyringer*
Various improvements to [keyringer]( were
delivered, to make it more usable and easier to install:
- Debian packaging
- man page
- Bash and Zsh completion
All the deliverables were approved by December 2013, and keyringer is
now [[!debpkg keyringer desc="available in Debian"]].
Exporting ikiwiki tickets to Redmine
A custom ikiwiki plugin was written to help importing from the old
Tails task tracker to Redmine. This included exporting ticket name,
tags, and parent/child relationships in a format suitable for
importing into Redmine, and creating rewrite rules to redirect ikiwiki
URLs to Redmine.
All the deliverables were approved by August 2013. 887 tickets were
imported in our new [Redmine
Encrypted `/me` IRC messages in *Pidgin OTR*
The goal was to make it so /me messages in OTR conversations, when
using IRC in Pidgin, are encrypted just like regular messages typed in
this context.
The person we contacted to work on this bounty was not able to finish
the work in due time. Since then, someone else worked on a patch, that
we have successfully tested, and that is now waiting for review in the
upstream bug tracker.
Ticket: <>
Support for importing SSH keys with Seahorse
The goal was to allow [importing public and private SSH
keys]([importing public and private SSH keys) with
The person we contacted to work on this bounty was not able to finish
the work.
Improve Vidalia
The goals were to make Vidalia better adapted to Tails needs, and to
turn some of our patches into options available in the upstream code.
More specifically:
- Adapt Vidalia UI to allow users to avoid connecting to the public Tor
- Support a HideSharing option in `vidalia.conf` to hide the
"Sharing" tab of the Vidalia preferences window
- Support a HideNewCircuit option in `vidalia.conf` to hide every
control that trigger the "New identity" feature of Vidalia.
- <>
- [[!tor_bug 2905]]
- [[!tails_ticket 5305]]
The person we contacted to work on this bounty disappeared before
signing the contract.
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