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Clean up merged 1.1 changelog.

We remove entries for:
* fixes for pure regression introduced by the Wheezy migration or the
  1.1~beta1 or 1.1~rc1 releases, and
* minor improvements to new major features introduced after 1.0.1.
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......@@ -66,9 +66,6 @@ tails (1.1) unstable; urgency=medium
agent so that it is used instead of GNOME keyring's one. This is
not enough on Wheezy, so let's disable the starting of the "gpg"
component of GNOME keyring.
- Prevent iproute2 from being installed from wheezy-backports
(Closes: #7337).
- Remove dselect when purging other unwanted packages. (Closes: #7336)
- Make sure /etc/default/locale exists, with a sensible default
value (Closes: #7333). Before Tails Greeter's PostLogin script
are run, /etc/default/locale does not exist on Wheezy. Our
......@@ -82,10 +79,6 @@ tails (1.1) unstable; urgency=medium
instead of Yelp (Closes: #7390, #7285).
- Make the new NetworkManager configuration directory persistent,
when the old one was, but disable the old one (Closes: #7338).
- The Unsafe Web Browser can now be started while the Windows 8
camouflage feature is activated (Closes: #7329).
- Remove Unsafe Browser bookmarks from the default system-wide
profile skeleton too (Closes #7594).
* Minor improvements
- Install seahorse-nautilus, replacing seahorse-plugins (Closes #5516).
......@@ -101,8 +94,6 @@ tails (1.1) unstable; urgency=medium
· Tor bug #11699: Change &#160 to   in network-settings.dtd
· Correctly handle startup paths that contain dot.
- Upgrade to Torbutton
- Upgrade the web browser to 24.5.0esr-1+tails1~bpo60+1
(Firefox 24.4.0esr + Iceweasel patches + Torbrowser patches).
- Avoid shipping python2.6 in addition to python2.7.
- Don't install Gobby 0.4 anymore. Gobby 0.5 has been available in
Debian since Squeeze, now is a good time to drop the obsolete
......@@ -119,15 +110,6 @@ tails (1.1) unstable; urgency=medium
DMI data, IPv6 addresses, and serial numbers (Closes #6797,
#6798, #6804).
- Integrate the new logo in Tails Installer (Closes #7095)
- Various improvements to the Windows 8 camouflage:
* Set iceweasel and pidgin camouflage icons.
* Set claws-mail application icon.
* Set florence tray icon.
* Set gpgApplet tray icon.
* Set volume tray icon.
* Configure Iceweasel camouflage.
* Remove launchers (Closes #7381).
* Make the Unsafe Browser use the Windows 8 camouflage.
- Also install linux-base and linux-compiler-gcc-4.8-x86 from
sid. This way, we can get rid of our linux-compiler-gcc-4.8-x86
3.12, and it makes things a bit more consistent.
......@@ -138,7 +120,6 @@ tails (1.1) unstable; urgency=medium
- Include syslinux.exe for win32 in utils/win32/ on the ISO
filesystem (Closes: #7425).
- Tails Installer:
* Increase font size (Closes: #5673).
* Add consistent marigins in GUI.
* Always reset the target drive's MBR, without asking for
confirmation, after installing or upgrading.
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