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Replace Pidgin blueprint: bring section about Tor Messenger up-to-date.

Refs: #8573, #8577
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......@@ -76,7 +76,16 @@ The client must support SASL authentication.
## Tor Messenger ([[!tails_ticket 8577]])
* Documentation, downloads and tickets in Tor's [Trac](
* Tor Messenger supports XMPP, IRC and some other protocols.
* Satisfies all our requirements (listed above, as of commit
`8e3157d5f4cd7894bca21adf6b95a6b49d9beb01`) except the TODO about
StartTLS (I bet it has the code for it though, since Thunderbird
supports it, but I in the GUI there is only "Enable SSL" as options
for IRC and XMPP).
* The GUI is very similar to Pidgin's, which might be a bonus point
since we are looking for a "Pidgin replacement".
* FWIW: Tor Messenger got 30K USD funding in 2017!
* FWIW: anonym has been happy using it exclusively for chatting since
September, 2016.
## CoyIM (based on xmpp-client) ([[!tails_ticket 8574]])
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