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Make it even more clear which is the system menu

Formatting the USB stick to prevent people from choosing the double gear
menu (instead of the gear) menu doesn't work as both menu also propose a
"Format" option.

Moving the screenshot below this step should prevent people thinking
that what's circled in red applies to the previous step.
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......@@ -36,12 +36,12 @@
A new drive appears in the left pane. Click on it.
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/gnome_disks.png class="screenshot" link="no"]]
<div class="step-image">[[!img install/inc/infography/install-temporary-tails.png link="no"]]</div>
1. Click on the [[!img lib/emblem-system.png alt="System" class="symbolic" link="no"]]
button and choose <span class="guimenuitem">Restore Disk Image&hellip;</span>.
button in the top-right corner and choose <span class="guimenuitem">Restore Disk Image&hellip;</span>.
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/gnome_disks.png class="screenshot" link="no"]]
1. In the <span class="guilabel">Restore Disk Image</span> dialog, click on the file selector button and
choose the ISO image that you downloaded earlier.
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