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Add use case for Signal on Tails

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## Use cases
### Signal for attorneys
People we met at the IFF 2019 started experimenting with using Signal as
point of contact for attorneys and their clients or whistle-blowing
They have a script that makes it possible to validate a land-line phone
at the attorney's office to create a Signal account attached to it. This
Signal account can then be used from Signal on a desktop computer, or
even better, on Tails.
This setup has several advantages:
- Giving your office telephone to a client doesn't look as dodgy as
sharing your personal mobile phone number.
- Attorneys are obliged to have a land-line phone as their official
point of contact.
- Attorneys can keep their work and personal contacts separate.
- Attorneys can attend their work Signal even when outside of office and
keep secure communications with their clients even when traveling.
An important limitation for this to work is that you can't change the
name of contacts that were added, using a phone number, to Signal
desktop. There is a feature request for this upstream.
## General requirements
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