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Endless upgrade: mention relationship with #6876 and #9373.

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......@@ -311,7 +311,11 @@ The IUK size is involved in at least four concerns:
so the upgrade would fail. This is a regression for users with 2 GB
memory: for all of 2.x and 3.x, all IUKs have been under 400 MB,
which would work fine with 2 GB of memory.
which would work fine with 2 GB of memory. If that's a blocker, then
we have to solve it by changing the format of the IUKs
([[!tails_ticket 6876]]); we should coordinate this with other changes
that will break automated upgrades from Tails N to N+1, such as
Tails 4.0 and the migration to overlayfs ([[!tails_ticket 9373]]) .
* Bandwidth needs of the RM. Uploading 10 GB of IUKs can be a pain for
some of us, but that can easily be solved by making it possible to
generate IUKs on lizard (and then compare them with the ones you
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