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Migrate to python-potr.

python-otr is not in Jessie, but python-potr is, and it's in

This migration works as long as one converts the OTR key using the tool that should be included in the debian package (even
according to its own description) but isn't. Currently it's in the
source package.
parent 22c77c26
......@@ -2,51 +2,54 @@
import sys
import jabberbot
import xmpp
import otr
import potr
from argparse import ArgumentParser
# Minimal implementation of the OTR callback store that only does what
# we absolutely need.
class OtrCallbackStore():
class OtrContext(potr.context.Context):
def inject_message(self, opdata, accountname, protocol, recipient, message):
mess = opdata["message"]
def __init__(self, account, peer):
super(OtrContext, self).__init__(account, peer)
def policy(self, opdata, context):
return opdata["default_policy"]
def getPolicy(self, key):
return True
return False
def create_privkey(self, **kwargs):
raise Exception(
"We should have loaded a key already! Most likely the 'name' " +
"and/or 'protocol' fields are wrong in the key you provided.")
def inject(self, msg, appdata = None):
mess = appdata["base_reply"]
def account_name(self, opdata, account, protocol):
return account
def protocol_name(self, opdata, protocol):
return protocol
class BotAccount(potr.context.Account):
def is_logged_in(self, **kwargs):
return 1
def __init__(self, jid, keyFilePath):
protocol = 'xmpp'
max_message_size = 10*1024
super(BotAccount, self).__init__(jid, protocol, max_message_size)
self.keyFilePath = keyFilePath
def max_message_size(self, **kwargs):
return 0
def loadPrivkey(self):
with open(self.keyFilePath, 'rb') as keyFile:
return potr.crypt.PK.parsePrivateKey([0]
def display_otr_message(self, **kwargs):
return 0
# The rest we don't care at all about
def write_fingerprints(self, **kwargs): pass
def notify(self, **kwargs): pass
def update_context_list(self, **kwargs): pass
def new_fingerprint(self, **kwargs): pass
def gone_secure(self, **kwargs): pass
def gone_insecure(self, **kwargs): pass
def still_secure(self, **kwargs): pass
def log_message(self, **kwargs): pass
class OtrContextManager:
def __init__(self, jid, keyFilePath):
self.account = BotAccount(jid, keyFilePath)
self.contexts = {}
def start_context(self, other):
if not other in self.contexts:
self.contexts[other] = OtrContext(self.account, other)
return self.contexts[other]
def get_context_for_user(self, other):
return self.start_context(other)
class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
......@@ -56,14 +59,16 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
self.__connect_server = connect_server
self.__password = password
super(OtrBot, self).__init__(account, password)
self.__protocol = "xmpp"
self.__otr_ustate = otr.otrl_userstate_create()
otr.otrl_privkey_read(self.__otr_ustate, otr_key_path)
self.__opdata = {
"send_raw_message_fn": super(OtrBot, self).send_message,
"default_policy": otr.OTRL_POLICY_MANUAL
self.__otr_manager = OtrContextManager(account, otr_key_path)
self.send_raw_message_fn = super(OtrBot, self).send_message
self.__default_otr_appdata = {
"send_raw_message_fn": self.send_raw_message_fn
self.__otr_callback_store = OtrCallbackStore()
def __otr_appdata_for_mess(self, mess):
appdata = self.__default_otr_appdata.copy()
appdata["base_reply"] = mess
return appdata
# Unfortunately Jabberbot's connect() is not very friendly to
# overriding in subclasses so we have to re-implement it
......@@ -93,41 +98,37 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
self.conn.RegisterHandler(handler, callback)
return self.conn
def __otr_callbacks(self, more_data = None):
opdata = self.__opdata.copy()
if more_data:
return (self.__otr_callback_store, opdata)
def __get_otr_user_context(self, user):
context, _ = otr.otrl_context_find(
self.__otr_ustate, user, self.jid.getNode(), self.__protocol, 1)
return context
# Wrap OTR encryption around Jabberbot's most low-level method for
# sending messages.
def send_message(self, mess):
body = str(mess.getBody())
user = str(mess.getTo().getStripped())
encrypted_body = otr.otrl_message_sending(
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks(), self.jid.getNode(),
self.__protocol, user, body, None)
self.__otr_callbacks({"message": mess}),
self.__get_otr_user_context(user), encrypted_body,
otrctx = self.__otr_manager.get_context_for_user(user)
if otrctx.state == potr.context.STATE_ENCRYPTED:
otrctx.sendMessage(potr.context.FRAGMENT_SEND_ALL, body,
appdata = self.__otr_appdata_for_mess(mess))
# Wrap OTR decryption around Jabberbot's callback mechanism.
def callback_message(self, conn, mess):
body = str(mess.getBody())
user = str(mess.getFrom().getStripped())
is_internal, decrypted_body, _ = otr.otrl_message_receiving(
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks({"message": mess}),
self.jid.getNode(), self.__protocol, user, body)
context = self.__get_otr_user_context(user)
if context.msgstate == otr.OTRL_MSGSTATE_FINISHED:
if is_internal:
otrctx = self.__otr_manager.get_context_for_user(user)
if mess.getType() == "chat":
appdata = self.__otr_appdata_for_mess(mess.buildReply())
decrypted_body, tlvs = otrctx.receiveMessage(body,
appdata = appdata)
except potr.context.NotEncryptedError:
otrctx.authStartV2(appdata = appdata)
except (potr.context.UnencryptedMessage, potr.context.NotOTRMessage):
decrypted_body = body
decrypted_body = body
if decrypted_body == None:
if mess.getType() == "groupchat":
bot_prefix = self.jid.getNode() + ": "
......@@ -155,7 +156,7 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
def clear_say(self, mess, args):
"""Make me speak in the clear even if we're in an OTR chat"""
return ""
......@@ -171,9 +172,8 @@ class OtrBot(jabberbot.JabberBot):
if mess.getType() == "groupchat":
user = str(mess.getFrom().getStripped())
self.__otr_ustate, self.__otr_callbacks({"message": mess}),
self.jid.getNode(), self.__protocol, user)
self.__otr_manager.get_context_for_user(user).disconnect(appdata =
return ""
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -25,9 +25,10 @@ wheezy-backports sources added:
libcap2-bin devscripts libvirt-ruby ruby-rspec gawk ntp ovmf/testing \
ruby-json x11vnc xtightvncviewer ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-53 \
libvpx1 dnsmasq-base openjdk-7-jre ruby-guestfs python-jabberbot \
python-otr ruby-test-unit && \
ruby-test-unit && \
apt-get -t wheezy-backports install qemu-kvm qemu-system-x86 libvirt0 \
libvirt-dev libvirt-bin seabios ruby-rjb ruby-packetfu cucumber && \
libvirt-dev libvirt-bin seabios ruby-rjb ruby-packetfu cucumber \
python-potr && \
service libvirtd restart
In addition, if `libguestfs` doesn't work by default you probably have
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