Commit 585470d1 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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tor-controlport-filter: remove unhelpful comments and linebreaks.

parent 5f309e18
......@@ -217,18 +217,13 @@ def handle_controlport_session(controller, readh, writeh, allowed_commands, allo
subscribed_event_listeners = []
client_streams = set()
while True:
line = str(readh.readline(MAX_LINESIZE), 'ascii').strip()
if not line: break
# This regex makes us split on unquoted whitespaces.
cmd, *args = re.findall(r'(?:[^\s,"]|"(?:\\.|[^"])*")+', line)
cmd = cmd.upper()
# Check what it is
if cmd == "PROTOCOLINFO":
# Stem call PROTOCOLINFO before authenticating. Tell the
# client that there is no authentication.
......@@ -306,16 +301,12 @@ class FilteredControlPortProxyHandler(socketserver.StreamRequestHandler):
self.filters += filters
def connect_to_real_control_port(self):
# Read authentication cookie
with open(global_args.control_cookie_path, "rb") as f:
cookie =
# Connect to the real control port
controller = stem.control.Controller.from_socket_file(
return controller
def handle(self):
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