Commit 57af17ca authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Go back to not starting Florence on startup.

This reverts the revert commits d264dbf1
and e97dc693.

Even though the GNOME Shell extension's logic to avoid double-starting Florence
is flawed, it is only flawed when one 0. uses Florence; 1. uses a system where
Florence needs more than 1 second to start; and 2. one waits more than 1 second,
but less than the time it takes to start before clicking on the icon again.

The alternate option this commit reverts has worse problems: Florence sometimes
is not hidden on startup, which affects all users, and requires an ugly
workaround in the test suite (which is broken on feature/stretch currently, so
this comes with a maintenance cost). Besides, it eats memory for everybody,
while I expect the vast majority of users don't actually use Florence.

So, all in all, I prefer going back to the behaviour previously implemented
in feature/stretch, that I had reverted earlier today.
parent 0c947a7c
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -351,13 +351,6 @@ Given /^Tails Greeter has applied all settings$/ do
def florence_keyboard_is_visible
"xdotool search --all --onlyvisible --maxdepth 1 --classname 'Florence'",
:user => LIVE_USER,
Given /^the Tails desktop is ready$/ do
desktop_started_picture = "GnomeApplicationsMenu#{@language}.png"
@screen.wait(desktop_started_picture, 180)
......@@ -375,15 +368,6 @@ Given /^the Tails desktop is ready$/ do
'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface toolkit-accessibility true',
:user => LIVE_USER,
# Sometimes the Florence window is not hidden on startup (#11398).
# Whenever that's the case, hide it ourselves and verify that it vanishes.
# I could not find that window using Accerciser, so I'm not using dogtail;
# and it doesn't feel worth it to add an image and use Sikuli, since we can
# instead do this programmatically with xdotool.
if florence_keyboard_is_visible"GnomeSystrayFlorence.png")
try_for(5, delay: 0.1) { ! florence_keyboard_is_visible }
When /^I see the "(.+)" notification(?: after at most (\d+) seconds)?$/ do |title, timeout|
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