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Rewrite instructions for Tails completely

  - Everybody downloads the signature first in the intro, so we're not going
    through the browser anymore.
  - Document invisible notification with screenshots. (#11336)
  - Use numbered list for steps.
  - Add note about checking the date.
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......@@ -41,15 +41,23 @@ the ISO image</a>.</p>
### In Tails
Browse your files to select the Tails ISO image you want to verify.
Then, the verification will start. It can take several minutes:
1. Open the file browser and navigate to the folder where you saved the
ISO image and the signature.
[[!img verifying.png alt="Verifying" link="no"]]
1. Right-click on the signature and choose <span class="guimenuitem">Open With
Verify Signature</span>.
If the ISO image is correct you will get a
notification telling you that the signature is good:
1. The verification of the ISO image starts automatically:
[[!img good_signature.png alt="Goog Signature" link="no"]]
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/verifying_in_tails.png link="no"]]
1. After the verification finishes, click on the notification counter in
the bottom-right corner and on the notification with a transparent
background on the right of the notification area:
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/notification_in_tails.png link="no"]]
Verify the date of the signature to make sure that you downloaded the latest version.
### Using Linux with the command line
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