Commit 572b96a0 authored by kytv's avatar kytv
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Revert "The "the Tor Browser loads the (startup page|Tails roadmap)" step is fragile"

This reverts commit 1e5fd8f8.
parent 1e5fd8f8
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ Feature: Chatting anonymously using Pidgin
When I say something to my friend
Then I receive a response from my friend
@check_tor_leaks @fragile
Scenario: Connecting to the #tails IRC channel with the pre-configured account
Given I have started Tails from DVD and logged in and the network is connected
And Pidgin has the expected accounts configured with random nicknames
@product @fragile
Feature: Browsing the web using the Tor Browser
As a Tails user
when I browse the web using the Tor Browser
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