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......@@ -10,10 +10,14 @@ What for:
Why is it complicated:
- Release every 6 weeks
- Release every 6 weeks and maybe emergency security releases
- Heavy quality assurance process (automated builds and tests)
- Infrastructure (upgrades)
- Complex infrastructure (upgrades)
- User trust (authenticated downloads, OpenPGP Web-of-Trust)
- Fingerprinting & partitioning users into a anonymity subset
- For features that are not in Tails because there has been no time or
solution for doing them correctly, the temptation to just shove them
in hastily and call it done
Good ways of doing it:
......@@ -24,6 +28,7 @@ Good ways of doing it:
- Rely on the mechanisms already available in Tails to adapt it to your
needs (additional software packages, persistent storage).
- Help us build in Tails other mechanisms that you might need to adapt
it to your needs (persistence of DConf settings, APT sources, etc.).
it to your needs (for example to have persistent DConf settings or APT
- Talk with us to see how we can adapt our ISO images to make them
easier for your to reuse.
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