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......@@ -100,9 +100,10 @@ which is tracked as [[!tails_ticket 15878]].
- Visibility: Public
- The `root` user has "Owner" access to this group.
- Release managers have "Reporter" access to this group
- Release managers have "Reporter" access to every project in this group
(after releasing a new Tails, they need to postpone issues,
including confidential ones, and manage group labels).
including confidential ones, and manage group labels),
until [[!tails_ticket 17589]] is done.
- Nobody else is a member of this group.
- Allow users to request access: disabled
......@@ -154,7 +155,7 @@ has no dedicated section below:
- `bitcoin`
- `bitcoin_libunivalue`
- `bitcoin_libunivalue` → rename to `libunivalue`
- public `puppet-*` (additional "Maintainer": role-lizard)
- `jenkins-jobs` (additional "Maintainer": role-lizard)
......@@ -272,7 +273,7 @@ From `` aka. ``:
- `network-manager` (public; read-write: committers)
- `onioncircuits` (public; read-write: committers)
- `rm` (private; read-write: RMs)
- `tails-workarounds` (public; read-write: committers)
- `tails-workarounds` → rename to `workarounds` (public; read-write: committers)
- `test-suite-shared-secrets` (private; read-write: committers)
- `torbrowser-launcher` (public; read-write: committers)
- `ux` (public; read-write: committers)
......@@ -411,6 +412,8 @@ to issues and merge requests:
- <>
- <>
Potential future work: [[!tails_ticket 17589]].
## Translation platform → Git
A hook ensures that Weblate only pushes changes to our main Git
......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ Tools for contributors
- Source code: [[Git repositories|contribute/git]]
- [[!tails_roadmap desc="Roadmap"]]
- [[GitLab bug tracker|contribute/working_together/GitLab]]
- [[GitLab source code and bug tracker|contribute/working_together/GitLab]]
- [[Starter tasks|starter_tasks]] for new contributors
- [[Building a Tails image|contribute/build]]
- [[Build a local copy of the website|contribute/build/website]]
......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ All times are referenced to Berlin and Paris time.
* 2020-04-16, 16:00: Fundraising Team meeting
* 2020-04-16, 18:00: Healing working group meeting
* 2020-04-18, 16:00: Accounting Team meeting
* 2020-05-05: **Release 4.6** (Firefox 68.8)
......@@ -278,13 +278,13 @@ Creating a new repository
In the vast majority of cases, your new repository will be hosted
our [[!tails_gitlab desc="our GitLab"]].
[[!tails_gitlab desc="our GitLab"]].
If you want to modify files that are already in one of our Git repositories,
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/project/repository/ desc="create
your own fork"]] of that repository.
your own fork"]] of this repository from your account on our GitLab.
Else, if you want a brand new repository, request it from the
Else, if you want a new repository for a different project or a new team, request it from the
[[Tails system administrators|about/contact#tails-sysadmins]].
Include the following information in your request:
[[!meta title="GitLab bug tracker"]]
[[!meta title="GitLab bug source code and bug tracker"]]
Tails issues and code are managed in [[!tails_gitlab "" desc="GitLab"]].
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