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Release process: run forgotten git-annex-init.

According to intri (and the docs!) running this command is mandatory
before you can do any git annex operations, so I'll add it just to be
sure. I can confirm, however, that it is *not* needed -- the previous
instructions worked just fine. Whatever. :)
parent 854d1382
......@@ -952,6 +952,7 @@ Make sure that Jenkins has finished building so you have set
ssh misc.lizard << EOF
( [ -d isos ] || git clone gitolite@puppet-git.lizard:isos.git ) && \
cd isos && \
git annex init && \
git annex sync && \
git annex import ../tails-amd64-${VERSION:?} && \
rmdir ../tails-amd64-${VERSION:?} && \
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