Commit 55506571 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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Revert "Bump timeout."

This reverts commit 51a9e413.

I am not sure what made printing so slow for me while updating the
automated test suite for Jessie, that originally made me do this bump,
but it is not there any more.

Refs: #10395
parent c7d0843f
......@@ -817,7 +817,7 @@ When /^I can print the current page as "([^"]+[.]pdf)" to the (default downloads
# Only the file's basename is selected by double-clicking,
# so we type only the desired file's basename to replace it
@screen.type(output_dir + '/' + output_file.sub(/[.]pdf$/, '') + Sikuli::Key.ENTER)
try_for(120, :msg => "The page was not printed to #{output_dir}/#{output_file}") {
try_for(30, :msg => "The page was not printed to #{output_dir}/#{output_file}") {
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