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[[!toc levels=2]]
Starting point
We have a delta with Debian. Some of it is legit, some of it should be
upstream'ed somehow. It's hard, both for us and for others (Debian
contributors, other derivatives) to make the difference, and to
identify areas that need work.
Back in May, 2014, we have
what our current delta was.
Existing data
Results from before the stabile.d.o hardware failure:
* <>:
- Packages we have that are not Debian.
- looks at our devel APT suite
- no room for an explanation
* <>:
- list of deviations from existing Debian packages
- patches we applied, they are extracted and kept up to date:
useful, but no room for explanations on why these patches exist
Scripts that generated this data:
"I hope to have the derivatives patch generation going again before
DebConf (Debian sysadmins deploying more storage and RAM is the
blocker right now) and if that happens I'll register a session for
doing patch generation logs review and patch review ala DEX."
1. Enable anyone to easily find potential action items; that is:
make it easy to filter what should be ignored ("legit" delta) and
what should be improved.
2. Visualize the evolution of a given derivative's delta with Debian
=> detect if the situation is improving or getting out of control
=> derivatives developers can be happy and proud, or react
promptly; Debian contributors can evaluate how a given derivative
is "nice" to Debian.
## 1. Have explanations about the delta in each case
Ideally, for *3.0 (quilt)* packages, `compare-source-package-list`
could look into `debian/patches` for derivatives-specific patches,
and retrieve information from
[DEP-3]( headers.
For other kinds of packages, it seems that the metadata would need
to be added to some fine in the `debian/` directory, possibly using
the DEP-3 format. This also would be useful to document the delta
of *3.0 (quilt)* packages that is not expressed in
`debian/patches`, e.g. shipping a newer upstream version
than Debian.
Paul Wise
to "add that to the new tracker.d.o interface and associate it with
the person who logged in, since what people want to see might be
## 2. Generate graphs displaying the evolution of a derivative's delta
This requires adding date/time information to at least
`sources.{new,patches}`, and having some code that generates graphs
out of it. Presumably, once specified properly, this could be a great
task for someone learning programming.
Next steps
* This is being discussed in the [Tracking derivatives delta:
explanations, history](
thread on the debian-derivatives mailing-list.
* Action items: [[!tails_ticket 7607]] and subtasks
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