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Mention one complication that comes with Git submodules.

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......@@ -44,6 +44,13 @@ Git submodules allow to do basically the same thing, but also to make
it clear what version of these other repositories a given Git branch
(in the main repo) needs.
One problem with submodules is that the URL to every submodule's
repository is encoded in `.gitmodules`. So, either we encode read-only
URLs in there (and then, core developers need to use `pushInsteadOf`
or `insteadOf` in their Git configuration to rewrite these URLs
on-the-fly), or we encode read-write URLs in `.gitmodules` (and then,
non-core developers have to use `insteadOf`).
## Plenty of other solutions
When searching the web for well-known problems with Git submodules,
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