Commit 53131b0a authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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Tor Browser: get rid of all Tor Launcher prefs.

We don't enable Tor Launcher in Tor Browser, so they're just noise.
parent c44a41a5
......@@ -275,8 +275,9 @@ create_default_profile() {
rsync -a --exclude bookmarks.html --exclude extensions \
"${tbb_profile}"/ "${destination}"/
# Remove TBB's default bridges
sed -i '/extensions\.torlauncher\.default_bridge\./d' "${destination}"/preferences/extension-overrides.js
# Remove TBB's Tor Launcher settings since we don't enable it in
# our Tor Browser.
sed -i '/extensions\.torlauncher\./d' "${destination}"/preferences/extension-overrides.js
mkdir -p "${destination}"/extensions
for ext in "${tbb_extensions_dir}"/*; do
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