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Elaborate the comment for the "state transition" case.

The commit message that modified that case last wasn't particularly
good, but this comment should make the situation clearer.
parent 579f2d8e
......@@ -64,7 +64,12 @@ while(my $sl = $parser->next) {
$state{$1} = "";
} elsif ($text =~ /\(([^)]+)\): supplicant (?:connection|interface) state: \S+ -> (\S+)/ ||
$text =~ /\(([^)]+)\): device state change: \S+ -> (\S+)/) {
# State transition.
# NetworkManager logs state transitions with the above
# messages, but the really important part is that we
# accurately log the state changes *to* and *from*
# "associating" (for the next case). Hence the safest bet
# seems to be to deal with all observed types of transitions
# that NetworkManager logs.
$state{$1} = $2;
} elsif ($text =~ /Activation \(([^)]+)\/[^)]*\): association took too long/) {
# Wireless connection failure. If it happens during
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