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Refs: #12638 in the known issues.

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......@@ -564,3 +564,17 @@ Until we update the search engine plugin, users that set their Tor Browser
security slider to High and use the search box in Tor Browser will end up after
a redirection from on a page on asking them to
click on a link to see their result without JavaScript.
Some languages do not have the correct keyboard layout set by default
When selecting some languages in the Tails Greeter, the default assiocated
keyboard layout fallbacks to US.
To use the right keyboard layout during a session, set it in the Tails
Greeter after having set the language. When the desktop has started, apply
the keyboard layout by clicking on the `en` systray icon.
Affected language codes are `AYC`, `BHB`, `BRX`, `CMN`, `HAK`, `HNE`, `LIJ`,
`LZH`, `MHR`, `NAN`, `NHN`, `QUZ`, `SGS`, `SHS`, `TCY`, `THE`, `UNM`, `WAE` and
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