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improved boot time on CD by ordering files on the CD in the order they are used during boot

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......@@ -11,11 +11,12 @@ starts the `boot-profile` daemon which uses `inotify` to record file that are
accessed during boot.
Once enough of the boot sequence has been profiled, `boot-profile` must be
manually `kill`'ed. Then, `/lib/init/rw/boot-profile` will contain a file
that is suitable for the `-sort` argument of `mksquashfs`.
manually `kill`'ed. Then, `/lib/init/rw/boot-profile` can be copied to
`config/binary_rootfs/squashfs.sort` in the source directory after
removing the leading slashes from every listed path.
`lh_binary_rootfs` will automatically use a *sort list* provided as
On next build, `lh_binary_rootfs` automatically asks `mksquashfs` to
use the provided *sort list*.
......@@ -30,6 +31,8 @@ Boot time from pressing enter in BIOS boot device selection menu to TorK.
Left to be done
* [[!taglink todo/test]] what the effects of the now bundled
`squashfs.sort` are
* [[!tag todo/research]] See if result can further be improved by loading the beginning of the squashfs in RAM.
* [[!tag todo/code]] Implement an automated way to update the *sortlist*.
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