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doc: Fix the instructions to securely delete a persistent storage.

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......@@ -17,12 +17,18 @@ the same USB stick without having to reinstall Tails.
<strong>This technique may not prevent an attacker to recover the files of the
old persistent storage using [[data
recovery techniques|encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion#index1h1]].</strong>
For more security, you can do the following operations on the USB stick:
For more security, start Tails from another media, and do the following
operations on the USB stick that you want to delete securely:
<li>[[Erase Tails|resetting_a_usb_stick]]</li>
<li>[[Securely clean all the available disk space|encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion#index4h1]]</li>
<li>[[Reinstall Tails|usb_installer]]</li>
<li>[[Create a new persistent storage|persistence/configure]]</li>
<li>[[Create an encrypted partition|encryption_and_privacy/encrypted_volumes]]
on the whole USB stick. This step erases both Tails and the persistent storage
from the USB stick.</li>
<li>[[Securely clean all the available disk
space|encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion#index4h1]] on this new encrypted
<li>[[Reinstall Tails|usb_installer]] on the USB stick.</li>
<li>Start Tails from the USB stick and [[create a new persistent
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