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Disable Tor automatic startup at build time rather than at boot time.

parent af9a0c0c
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
# sourced by various other scripts.
# Base for the string that will be passed to "lh config --bootappend-live"
AMNESIA_APPEND="quiet splash vga=788 live-media=removable nopersistent noprompt=usb sysv-rc=tor"
AMNESIA_APPEND="quiet splash vga=788 live-media=removable nopersistent noprompt=usb"
# Options passed to isohybrid
# Default: "-entry 4 -type 1c"
# Manage initscripts
# Including common functions
. "${LH_BASE:-/usr/share/live-helper}"/scripts/
Read_conffiles config/bootstrap
# Setting static variables
DESCRIPTION="$(Echo 'managing initscripts')"
Echo_message "managing initscripts"
disable_service () {
local INITSCRIPT="$1"
case "${LH_DISTRIBUTION}" in
update-rc.d ${INITSCRIPT} disable
for startlink in /etc/rc[S2-5].d/S[0-9][0-9]${INITSCRIPT} ; do
stoplink=`echo "${startlink}" | sed -e 's,^\(/etc/rc[S2-5].d/\)S,\1K,'`
mv "${startlink}" "${stoplink}"
# we run Tor ourselves after HTP via NetworkManager hooks
disable_service tor
......@@ -17,13 +17,17 @@ PIDFILE=/var/run/tor/
# We don't start Tor automatically anymore so *this* is the time when
# it is supposed to start.
# Note: as we disabled the initscript automatic startup, we cannot use
# invoke-rc.d: it would silently ignore our request. That's why we use
# the good old direct initscript invocation rather than any fancy
# frontend.
if [ -r "${PIDFILE}" ]; then
# A SIGHUP should be enough but there's a bug in Tor. Details:
# *
# *
invoke-rc.d tor restart
/etc/init.d/tor restart
invoke-rc.d tor start
/etc/init.d/tor start
# Restart Vidalia because it does not automatically reconnect to the new
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