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TODO++: applications audit (at the protocol level)

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Any included networked application needs to be analyzed for possible
information leakages at the protocol level, e.g. if IRC clients leak
local time through CTCP, if email clients leak the _real_ IP address
through the EHLO/HELO request etc.
This could be limited to applications whose protocol allows for
such leakages.
Per-software sub-pages:
[[!map pages="todo/applications_audit/*"]]
Already checked
Local time leak through CTCP-TIME requests
Pidgin leaks this piece of information if you use the IRC More plugin.
The original Incognito patches it to disable CTCP completely.
Already checked
The real IP address in the Received mail header fields and the
EHLO/HELO packets sent by Thunderbird (all is cool if either of the
Torbutton (the old 1.0.4.x branch which still supported Thunderbird) or
ProxyButton addons are used).
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