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Add warning about plugin the USB stick in Windows

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......@@ -34,6 +34,22 @@
<div class="caution">
<span class="windows upgrade-windows">In the future, we</span>
<span class="standalone">We</span>
recommend that you only plug your Tails USB stick while Windows is shutting
down. Otherwise, a virus in Windows could infect your Tails USB stick and
break its security.</p>
<p>Such an attack is possible in theory but very unlikely in
practice. We don't know of any virus capable of infecting Tails.
<span class="standalone">See our [[warning on plugging Tails in
untrusted systems|doc/about/warning#untrusted_system]]</span>.</p>
<p>The Boot Menu is a list of possible devices to start from. The following
screenshot is an example of a Boot Menu:</p>
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